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Brussels National Airport is a busy airport that handles the majority of Belgium’s air traffic. There are all the services you would expect from a major airport.

The airport is in Zaventem, 14km outside the city centre and is well served by public transport. The Airport City Express train service is the most popular way to get to and from the airport. The 15–20 minute service runs four times per hour, from just before 6am to around midnight. A one-way ticket costs €8.50.

Alternatively, there is a regular bus service between the airport and Gare du Nord. The hourly departures cost €4–7. There are also direct coach services to Antwerp (€10).

Our address

Leopoldlaan, 1930 Zaventem
Train Brussel-Nationaal-Luchthaven

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  • Dorit, 19 Sep 2016

    viel Platz und gute Luft, wenig Wartezeit bei den neuen Sicherheitsschleusen

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  • Murat, 19 Sep 2016

    Talihsiz saldırı sonrasında çok değişmiş ilk etapta karmaşık geldi ama yeni hali olumlu tekrardan ölenlere Allahtan rahmet dilerim...🙏🏻

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  • Katarína, 16 Sep 2016

    Not extremely large, lot of chocolate. Direct trains to the city, not cheap but better than taxi. During weekends "only" 15€ roundtrip and can be bought in advance

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  • Geordy, 14 Sep 2016

    Comfort here comes at a price.

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  • Christopher, 08 Sep 2016

    Great airport but always a crazy long walk from the gate to the exit

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  • Nuno, 22 Aug 2016

    There is a smooking room near gate 63... I almost died in there!!

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  • Ahmet, 12 Aug 2016

    One of the best airport i have been to. It's very easy to find your way. Well organized

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  • Mohamed, 10 Aug 2016

    Very nice airport

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  • Matthieu, 08 Aug 2016

    Beautiful and modern airport, don't take the train into the city, the bus is way cheaper and has more stops in between.

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  • Tom, 25 Jul 2016

    Amazing chocolate and beer shopping 😊

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  • Stijn, 24 Jul 2016

    Geweldige plek om te vertrekken en toe te komen. Het is geen megaluchthaven, maar wel een aangename plek. De winkels zijn wel al gesloten om 22u.

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  • Michal, 24 Jul 2016

    The only credible place to have snack at was Starbucks. Can't you bring in some local food, please?

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  • Anaitka977, 20 Jul 2016

    Классный аэропорт, wi-fi на всей территории, много комфортных зон отдыха.

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  • Nina, 19 Jul 2016

    One of the airports, where you are very comfortable while waiting for a flight. Did I mention free unlimited WiFi 😎😎

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  • Joshua, 18 Jul 2016

    Easily the worst/least efficient airport, be here super early or you'll miss you flight

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  • Ozge, 11 Jul 2016

    This airport is Such a disaster, entrance of the airport is on the level, crazy..walking such long distance with a suitcase climbing 7th floor just for enter the airport building is stupid!

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  • All, 09 Jul 2016

    Anders dan anders na de aanslagen !!! Triestig 😫

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  • Brussels Airport, 29 Jun 2016

    Brussels Airport offers unlimited free wifi to all passengers. Search for the 'Brussels Airport' wifi network, fill out the registration form and off you go.

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  • Ricardo, 26 Jun 2016

    No volar con Ryanair

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  • Elena, 21 Jun 2016

    После 9 вечера все магазины и кафе закрыты. Это вам не Москва, где все круглосуточно)

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  • Stephen, 21 Jun 2016

    Airport is okay, very poor selection of food and drink options. There is a Starbucks so you can get a decent coffee at least! Wifi is a challenge to connect to!

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  • Jny. Amairani, 19 Jun 2016

    El mejor aeropuerto! Súper moderno

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  • Anita, 12 Jun 2016

    Aeropuerto con sitio para sentarse e inclusive sillones para dormir. Mucha gente siempre y hay muchos sitios para desayunar y tomar el café.

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  • Murat, 11 Jun 2016

    Big, clean and very much passenger friendly. The staff is very kind. Very crowded though. Enough DutyFree and shopping area with food courte.

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  • Salomon, 09 Jun 2016

    double the fun if you bring a skateboard

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  • Bart, 08 Jun 2016

    Perfecte man

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  • PalenkaUKR, 05 Jun 2016

    Baggage drop off is on the 0 level.Prepare 1€ coin while leaving your luggage and enough change to get it back.For 3 hours I had to add 6,50€ with coins. /для камер хранения багажа приготовьте МОНЕТЫ!

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  • Lexis, 05 Jun 2016

    Great one! Please arrive earlier because u might spend hours in its shops:) very well organised, so spacious, u will be amazed!Biz lounge is AWESOME. Free wifi

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  • Ale, 04 Jun 2016

    Todo lleno de militares te revisan antes de entrar al aeropuerto y pasas muchos filtros de seguridad

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  • Özlem, 31 May 2016

    Der einzige Raucherraum ist am Terminal A67. Die großen Couches in der Nähe vom Terminal B und Liegen beim Terminal A sind ganz gut, da man seine Geräte aufladen kann.

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