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Brussels National Airport is a busy airport that handles the majority of Belgium’s air traffic. There are all the services you would expect from a major airport.

The airport is in Zaventem, 14km outside the city centre and is well served by public transport. The Airport City Express train service is the most popular way to get to and from the airport. The 15–20 minute service runs four times per hour, from just before 6am to around midnight. A one-way ticket costs €8.50.

Alternatively, there is a regular bus service between the airport and Gare du Nord. The hourly departures cost €4–7. There are also direct coach services to Antwerp (€10).

Our address

Leopoldlaan, 1930 Zaventem
Train Brussel-Nationaal-Luchthaven

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  • Adil, 10 Dec 2016

    try Exki if you look quick and healthy dish

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  • Natalia, 08 Dec 2016

    Подъехать непосредственно ко входу теперь нельзя. в duty-free хорошие цены на косметику. Ну и выбор парфюма неплох

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  • Wijaya, 08 Dec 2016

    Service super slow and not friendly at all! For them you just a burden for their perfect life

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  • Mary, 05 Dec 2016

    Not really!!! I felt completely insecure.. no more thorough control and nowadays it's necessary...

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  • Stijn, 04 Dec 2016

    13 minutes by train 🚅 from/to Leuven. Buy your ticket in the NMBS/SNCB app to skip the long lines for tickets. 👍🏼

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  • Enzo, 30 Nov 2016

    Well organised as a hub for connecting flights

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  • Tim, 24 Nov 2016


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  • iLKE, 23 Nov 2016

    Duty-free only for departures

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  • Wiviajando, 20 Nov 2016

    Aproveite pra comer uns bons chocolates belgas e descansar até pq esse aero é tudo de bom!

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  • Falcon Darkstar, 20 Nov 2016

    The people at G4S managing the security lines are idiots. Leave an extra 2 hours because that is how long it will take while they kettle you in the security line.

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  • Dan, 12 Nov 2016

    Will I guess it's just an airport! Very busy, but with good shops as long as you aren't in the non-Schengen part!

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  • Pedro, 03 Nov 2016

    Outro mundo. Povo educado demais

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  • Heidi, 03 Nov 2016

    Love my airport!

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  • yandr, 03 Nov 2016

    Apparently you need to take a number and stand in line for Wi-Fi access. Other than that... nice :-(

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  • Darleny, 27 Oct 2016

    Love this airport!

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  • Karl, 23 Oct 2016

    The WiFi never works and the toilets are just disgusting ! This must be Brussels #ashamedtobebelgian

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  • Javila, 18 Oct 2016

    Aeropuerto aviejado e incómodo por los altos niveles de seguridad impuestos actualmente.

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  • Jim, 14 Oct 2016

    Nothing special here, rows and rows of shops with a few food options in the main terminal more of the same as you walk down the long corridors. Typical European 80's decore.

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  • Tamara, 09 Oct 2016

    The worst bathroom I've ever seen in an airport! The floor was completely wet, and the smell was absolutely disgusting! What a shame!

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  • Alexandros, 07 Oct 2016

    Renovated with faster access to check in. Nice and spacious central lounge area. Duty free shops have good price and a large variety. Not a lot of healthy options to eat. Good deals for chocolates.

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  • Frederik, 02 Oct 2016

    Only half an hour of free internet 😒

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  • Maria, 01 Oct 2016

    It's not the easiest airport to access but it has good facilities and shops

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  • Maruja, 28 Sep 2016

    not enough public toilets... you have to queue everywhere

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  • Dorit, 19 Sep 2016

    viel Platz und gute Luft, wenig Wartezeit bei den neuen Sicherheitsschleusen

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  • Murat, 19 Sep 2016

    Talihsiz saldırı sonrasında çok değişmiş ilk etapta karmaşık geldi ama yeni hali olumlu tekrardan ölenlere Allahtan rahmet dilerim...🙏🏻

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  • Katarína, 16 Sep 2016

    Not extremely large, lot of chocolate. Direct trains to the city, not cheap but better than taxi. During weekends "only" 15€ roundtrip and can be bought in advance

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  • Geordy, 14 Sep 2016

    Comfort here comes at a price.

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  • Christopher, 08 Sep 2016

    Great airport but always a crazy long walk from the gate to the exit

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  • Nuno, 22 Aug 2016

    There is a smooking room near gate 63... I almost died in there!!

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  • Ahmet, 12 Aug 2016

    One of the best airport i have been to. It's very easy to find your way. Well organized

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