How five people can travel from Lübeck to Munich for only €37

If you travel from Lübeck to Munich on the ICE high-speed train it will cost you €127 and take between 6½ and 7 hours. This comes to €635 for a group of five people travelling together. generic viagra for sale

You can also travel from north to south within Germany entirely on local trains (that is using the S-Bahn plus RB and RE trains). Travelling on local trains the trip from Lübeck to Munich will take around 14 hours and involve up to eight transfers. sildenafil 1 mg

Buying individual tickets on this journey will cost €90.10 generic xenical. However there is a much cheaper option if you’re travelling on a weekend. viagra wholesale price getting viagra italy

DB’s Happy-Weekend-Ticket (Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket) is good for unlimited travel on weekends in Germany on all local trains for up to five people travelling together. This ticket costs €37 if you buy it online or €39 if you buy it from a ticket machine at the station. Split between five people that comes to only €7.40 each.

Five people travelling from Lübeck to Munich would save up to €598 if they travel with a Happy-Weekend-Ticket instead of the ICE train. That saving is enough for around 70 litres of beer at the Oktoberfest. buy cialis singapore comprar cialis en usa

don’t know about you but – as much as I enjoy travelling on a fast train – I would take the slow train and save my money for Munich’s beer halls.

Lübeck to Munich is pretty much the longest train journey you’re likely to make within Germany so this is an extreme example, but it illustrates what you can save if a group of five travellers want to save some money (but don’t mind spending an extra five or six hours travelling).

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