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ABBA The Museum is a museum near Gröna Lund on Djurgården that is dedicated to the 1970s Swedish pop group ABBA. The museum has exhibits that include costumes plus interactive karaoke stations where visitors can perform the band’s music.

Our address

Djurgårdsvägen 68, Stockholm
Tunnelbana 7 (stop: Liljevalc Gröna Lund) Bus 67 (stop: Liljevalc Gröna Lund)
Telephone 0771 75 75 75
Admission SEK 195
    Open Mon–Tue 10am–6pm, Wed–Thu 10am–8pm, Fri–Sun 10am–6pm

    There are 30 comments from Foursquare

  • Goksel, 14 Jan 2018

    Over priced but worthed if you really are a fan.

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  • Maya, 22 Oct 2017

    Viel fun aber der Eintritt ist überrissen.

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  • Vlatka, 11 Oct 2017

    Go there with friends, try everything because museum is so much fun and interactive! Don't miss all the fun being on stage singing with ABBA or taking photos!

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  • Daniela, 07 Oct 2017

    Dancing on the stage is amazing! We had Lot's of fun all the time we were here!

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  • Alexey, 21 Sep 2017

    For the fans)

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  • Miquel, 21 Aug 2017

    No puedes dejar ha ir a este museo si estas en Estocolmo

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  • Cherie, 28 Jul 2017

    It's a don't miss in Stockholm. Great exhibits and helps us understand Swedish culture too!

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  • Claudia, 27 Jul 2017

    Ótimo se você é fã do grupo! Tem tudo roupas, vídeos, fotos... mas se vc não é fã, se torna meio chato ...

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  • Marina, 26 May 2017

    Interesting, nostalgie

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  • Ting, 12 Apr 2017

    A must visit for ABBA fans. Even if you are not a fan, the high tech exhibits sure are lots of fun!

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  • Stefan, 09 Apr 2017

    Great if you really, really like ABBA. The gift shop is a joke.

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  • Minnesota85, 24 Feb 2017

    Отличное интерактивное пространство, атмосферно, много раритетов и личных вещей артистов, есть возможность попеть любимые песни даже на сцене с легендарной группой! Поклонники будут в восторге!

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  • Sabrina, 11 Jan 2017

    Really nice museum if you're a fan of ABBA! In the gift shop you can only pay by card..

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  • Denise, 04 Jan 2017

    Reserve pelo menos 3h para visitar este local que te leva de volta à adolescência nos tempos do ABBA. Lindo local!!!

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  • Gede, 16 Oct 2016

    Loved the exhibit and the interactive singing and sound mixing was done really well

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  • Sean, 29 Aug 2016

    Great fun, interactive quiz boxes and karaoke, definitely recommend!

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  • Alipe, 17 Aug 2016

    You have to go. AMAZING!!

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  • Angel, 05 Aug 2016

    Gran experiencia

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  • Vadim, 11 Jun 2016

    Если вам не интересно творчество и история этой группы, то не тратьте время и деньги. В остальных случаях покупайте билеты заранее - так будет дешевле.

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  • Agnieszka, 10 Jun 2016

    Super positive place - you leave it with huge smile on your face. And it does not matter if you are a fan or if you are slightly younger than average guest :)

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  • Jörg, 10 Jun 2016

    Tolle Exponate zum mitmachen!

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  • 4sq SUs Sweden, 09 May 2016

    Opened in May 2013, as a tribute to the band that invented the #PerfectPopSong

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  • Alex, 05 May 2016

    Очень интересный музей. аудиогид кстати не обязателен

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  • Christine, 25 Apr 2016

    Calling all ABBA fans. Best is singing & dancing onstage with holograms of ABBA or karaoke. 🎙

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  • Arnaud, 04 Apr 2016

    Musée très ludique, loin du revival formolé et heureusement ! Concept qui permet de visualiser ses prestations sur le site à l'aide de son billet d'entrée est vraiment sympathique !

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  • Angeliki, 05 Mar 2016

    It's interactive and very interesting!

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  • Rebecca, 17 Jan 2016


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  • Dona, 10 Jan 2016

    if the museum is being remodeled, put a notice on google for the love of god!!

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  • Lena, 08 Jan 2016

    Интерактивно и увлекательно

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  • Bella, 02 Jan 2016

    One of the best museums I've been to. Must-see for all music-lovers

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