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The vantage point at the top of Ålesund’s mountain offers excellent views of the city centre. A staircase leads up the hill from Kongensgate in the centre of town.

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  • Andrea, 03 Sep 2017

    The place to go to look out over Alesund. Go for sunset.

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  • Wing, 11 Jan 2017

    The 418 stairs up to Aksla starts in the Town Park. There are great views all the way up and chairs to take breaks along the way.

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  • Ann-Marie, 05 Aug 2016

    There is a good spot for barbequeing

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  • Ann-Marie, 03 Aug 2016

    If you park your car near the stadium and walk down a small path you find a cosy spot to enjoy barbequeing with a great view

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  • Anna, 02 May 2016

    Красивейший вид

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