Ales Stenar (Ale's Stones)

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The origins of this ancient stone circle 30 minutes outside Ystad remains a mystery. Ales Stenar (Ale’s Stones) is the largest stone circle in Sweden and is comprised of 58 vertical stones, although it is believed that there were originally 60.

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  • AF_Blog, 26 Aug 2017

    Der Aussichts- und Ausflugspunkt in der Region. Am Parkplatz Nähe der Straße kostenlos parken und der Ausschilderung folgen. Leichter Hügel mit Steilküste und grandiosem Ausblick aufs Meer & Steinen.

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  • Robert, 19 Aug 2017

    A sunrise/sunset calendar that still works. On top of stone 8 (counted anti-clockwise from the rear) you find 4 small cup marks that are a miniature replica of the whole thing.

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  • Dennis, 24 Jul 2016

    Missa inte hamnen!

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  • Dennis, 24 Jul 2016

    Härlig historieutflykt för familjen. God glass men inget utöver det vanliga.

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  • Kjartan Þór, 06 Jul 2015

    Hike up there and enjoy Viking history and how they told time! It still works perfectly!

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  • Stefan, 28 Mar 2015

    The view is amazing. Quite a walk thou.

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  • Grazyna, 12 Sep 2014

    Yes, you do want to see it even if it is windy:-) Just kerp on walking - you will get there.

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  • Egon, 14 Aug 2014

    Great place to have a picknick

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  • Irene, 01 May 2014

    My favorite part is that nobody knows what it really is! :) kinda interesting reading the different theories (EN-SVE).

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  • Maria, 01 Apr 2013

    Lovely place, lovely scenic view!

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  • CORSO, 04 Oct 2011

    Skånes mest besökta stensättning

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  • Oliver, 30 Oct 2010

    Sillamackan är fantastisk god :)

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