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There are direct trains from Amsterdam to many European cities including most destinations in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands as well as northern France, Germany and Denmark. These include the Thalys express train that connects Amsterdam with Antwerp, Brussels and Paris. Thalys connects Amsterdam and Paris in just four hours.

Check the NS Journey Planner or call 900-9292 (domestic) or 900-9296 (international) for more train information.

Amsterdam’s Centraal Station (frequently abbreviated CS) is in the centre of town within walking distance of most major attractions. Although Centraal Station has loads of facilities including lockers, restaurants and information centres, it can get very crowded, especially in the height of summer, so it is best to take the metro five stations to Amstel Station if you need to buy tickets, get transport information or make train reservations.

Take a few minutes to get all your gear in order and check your map for directions before leaving the station. When you come out onto Stationsplein, you’ll be in the centre of town surrounded by buskers, pickpockets and bewildered travellers. If you have the directions to your hostel, you can escape this chaos, drop your bags off at the hostel and set about exploring the city.

Our address

Stationsplein 1012 AB Amsterdam
Telephone (0900) 9292

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  • Sue, 16 Mar 2018

    Great station and everything is in English so it’s easy to get from a to b with connecting trains to Paris London or Frankfurt with Starbucks open all night I think . Free wifi

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  • Nicolò, 06 Mar 2018

    nice station especially the façade

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  • Karin, 20 Jan 2018

    Keep your ticket, you will probably need it to check out at your destination.

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  • Emanuel, 06 Nov 2017

    Nice station, here you can go nearly everywhere

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  • Van, 28 Oct 2017

    Kijken jullie uit voor zakkenrollers en voor Dries Roelvink? Voor hij het weet steekt ie zijn puddingbuks tot aan je huig. ;-)

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  • SmS, 26 Oct 2017

    Huge train station

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  • Vlad, 03 Oct 2017

    Plaza is really crowded and lively

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  • Fuyuhiko, 23 Sep 2017


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  • h.d., 23 Sep 2017

    Amsterdam şehrin kalbi ❤️ burası da kalbin damarları ulaşım ağı çok iyi 👍

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  • Cam, 15 Sep 2017

    Prácticamente me la paso en la estación todo el tiempo

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  • Tonia, 08 Sep 2017

    Many shops & stations . I think it's really well maintained for such an old train station.

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  • Andreina, 03 Sep 2017

    La amé! Pero estaría bien poder escuchar las instrucciones en los andenes y en los vagones en inglés

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  • Natalya, 25 Aug 2017

    Классный вокзал! Желтенькие поезда ходят сирого по расписанию. Современно, хотя и в старинном здании

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  • Lamia, 14 Aug 2017

    Go early if it is your first time. Service is very slow, they are not helpful at all.

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  • Bibiana, 13 Aug 2017

    Wi-Fi gratis y la arquitectura es bella

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  • Emily, 05 Aug 2017

    Gets you where you need to go fast... with some great places to stop and eat

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  • Thomas, 16 Jul 2017

    One of the best railway stations around. Nice collection of shops and restaurants these days! If you have to wait some time, why not take the free ferry across Het Ij?

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  • Mae, 01 Jul 2017

    0.70€ for prepared

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  • Benjamin, 20 Jun 2017

    Simple layout, a lot if shopping options

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  • Niels, 19 Jun 2017

    Een prachtig oud station. Op de foto gezien vanaf het water.

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  • Brz Brz, 19 Jun 2017

    Medeniyetin anlamını bulduğu istasyon

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  • Sasha, 26 May 2017

    В аэропорт можно уехать практически каждые полчаса. Посередине есть будка информации - там если что все подскажут.

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  • Sevket, 13 May 2017

    Sirkeci garının Amsterdam şubesi

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  • Humaid, 07 May 2017

    Fast service

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  • M. Selim, 04 May 2017

    Gayet büyük ve organize tren istasyonu. Simge yapı.

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  • Martin, 02 May 2017

    Crowdy, but in shopping passage there are benches where you can charge the cell phones

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  • Jenia, 16 Apr 2017

    If you get here, you can reach every corner of the city, even in the night

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  • De, 14 Apr 2017

    Nice station but abit crowded, and the toilet was no free 😓

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  • Maria, 02 Apr 2017

    Awesome building. Train to/from airport costs 5€.

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  • Funda, 23 Mar 2017

    Çok büyük, güzel korunmuş. Çok güzel bir yapı.

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