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This former market was the centrepiece of ancient Athenian life. The Ancient Agora contains the well-preserved Hephaesteion, which is worth a look as is the Stoa of Attalos, which now houses the Agora Museum.

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  • Julyane, 04 Sep 2017

    Lugar incrível e que não pode deixar de ser visitado

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  • Tadeusz, 26 May 2017

    Socrates used to hang out here!

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  • Miloš, 04 May 2017

    If you're going to only one site besides the Acropolis, let this be it. Nice buildings and great museum

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  • Andreas 🚤, 07 Mar 2017

    Best place When full moon

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  • Шишечка, 05 Mar 2017

    Здесь можно бродить весь день!

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  • Christina, 27 Feb 2017

    Ti mporeis na peis???mageia

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  • Dan, 25 Jan 2017

    One of the most beautiful sites in Athens and very atmospheric. Must see in the city centre!

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  • Chris, 23 Dec 2016

    Download the free rock Steve's tour of this place. This was an unexpected happy place for me.

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  • Abraam, 28 Nov 2016

    Υπέροχο αρχαιολογικό μνημείο

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  • Tanya, 27 Nov 2016

    Impressive and beautiful. Check out its museum for artifacts of Greek democracy.

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  • Anna, 22 Nov 2016

    What a place! The temple is very well reserved and the walk inside the area is amazing. Don't miss it especially a sunny day!

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  • Pedro, 15 Nov 2016

    Sem palavras. Estar em um parque histórico com um templo grego de 2500 anos, é absurdamente demais

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  • Ελενα, 25 Sep 2016

    Μην ξέχασε να επισκεφτείτε και το δεύτερο όροφο της στοάς του Αττάλου και ν´απολαυσετε τη θεα!

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  • Andrew, 05 Jul 2016

    What an amazed historic sites, can't believe it's over 2500 years

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  • Theodosia, 09 Jun 2016

    Περίπατος κ ηρεμία σε επαφή με την αρχαία Αθήνα και τη φύση. Ειδικά νωρίς το πρωί που δεν πέφτεις πάνω στην πολυκοσμία είναι απόλαυση!

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  • Ieva, 03 May 2016

    A must visit! Included in the pass for archeological locations.

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  • Vanessa, 25 Apr 2016

    O equivalente grego do Foro Romano, lindo e com pontos bem preservados.

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  • Patrik, 24 Apr 2016

    Beautiful building

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  • Murat, 18 Apr 2016

    Walking distance from Acropolis, takes 10min to walk down. So impressive and very ancient. There are many spots to visit; do not miss the Library.

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  • Mithat, 04 Apr 2016

    Nice view of Acropolis from downtown. The same walk-through problem with Archeological Museum. Buy the 30€ package that covers all historic monument visits.

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  • Mike, 27 Feb 2016

    Definitely worth the 4 euro entrance fee!

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  • Rahmawati D., 27 Jan 2016

    Beautiful site and the view of acropolis from down here just magnificent.

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  • Saud, 13 Jan 2016

    Ancient Agoura

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  • Carl, 26 Dec 2015

    Founded in the 6th century AD. This part of town contained all the administrative buildings of ancient Athens.

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  • Krishna, 25 Dec 2015

    This is were western civilisation begun. An essential visit for history enthusiast.

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  • Kurt, 21 Dec 2015

    Nice spot to walk and relax

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  • Kurt, 21 Dec 2015

    Nice spot to walk around and relax

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  • Cenker, 29 Nov 2015

    You should visit the museum before the site itself. With an overview from the museum, it will be more significant to look around...

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  • Giwrgos, 08 Nov 2015

    The centre of the ancient city. Ancient Agora was the political and cultural cradle of Athenian citizens.

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  • Dave, 02 Oct 2015

    Walk around the museum before walking around the site. It gives a more helpful overview of what you are seeing

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