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The Arc de Triomphe stands at the end of the avenue des Champs Elysées at place Étoile – the huge roundabout where 12 tree-lined avenues converge. If you’re into extreme sports you may want to rent a car and take it for a spin around the Arc de Triomphe just to test yourself against Parisian traffic (bear in mind that many travel insurance policies specifically state that you will not be covered if you have an accident on the Étoile roundabout). Napoléon commissioned the arch in 1806, 30 years later it was finished and ready for tourists to gawk at. The best access if from the underground passage on the northern side of avenue des Champs Elysées. You get a pretty good view from the top.

Free entry with the Paris Pass
Free entry to the Arc de Triomph with the Paris Pass

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Place Charles de Gaulle, 75008 Paris
Métro Charles de Gaulle – Étoile (1, 2, 6) RER Charles de Gaulle – Étoile (A) Bus 22, 30, 31, 52, 73, 92
Telephone (01) 55 37 73 77
Admission €12; free entry with the Paris Pass
    Open Jan–Mar 10am–10.30pm daily (last entry 9.45pm); Apr–Sep 10am–11pm daily (last entry 10.15pm); Oct–Dec 10am–10.30pm daily (last entry 9.45pm)

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  • Rahmawati D., 10 Jan 2016

    Didn't realise that this thing is actually a roundabout. For a perfect photo, wait until it clear from vehicles.

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  • KaeMania, 31 Jan 2014

    สวัสดีครับ คนไทยมาเที่ยวครับ... I'm from Thailand

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  • Melike, 28 Mar 2016

    Hemen dibine giriş parayla. Dışarıdan fotoğraf çektirmek istiyorsanız, üşenmeyin arka tarafına geçin. Genelde turistler ön tarafta çekildiği için hep kalabalık oluyor. Arka taraf oldukça sakin ;)

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  •, 25 May 2010

    286 steps to reach the top and will cost 9 euros. No elevator but the view is more than worth it

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  • Toni, 09 Jul 2016

    Es gratis subir para los menores de 18 años pero solo pueden subir acompañados de un adulto. La vista en increíble

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  • JamieLynne, 22 Oct 2015

    Driving around this thing at midnight is definitely not for amateurs - leave it to the pros!

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  • Vanessa, 06 Mar 2015

    Monumento histórico

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  • Fernando, 27 May 2017

    Em uma das pontas da avenida principal de Paris o marco tem que ser visitado. Reserve dois períodos, manhã e noite para registrar momentos.

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  • Fulya, 17 Sep 2016

    Zafer anıtı, heybetli..

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  • Mirco, 06 Jan 2015


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  • Alexander, 06 Jan 2017

    You need to see it

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  • Hector, 27 Mar 2016

    Nice view from the top.

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  • Alberto, 24 Aug 2014

    Impresiona su gran tamaño y su historia.

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  • Miguel, 20 May 2010

    see Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the eternal flame.

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  • Aslı P., 03 Jan 2017

    12 caddeye çıkan ve en önemli caddesi sanliziye çıkan anıt :)

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  • Lionel, 23 Sep 2014

    Touriste un jour...

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  • Woz, 12 Nov 2013

    Watch out for the young gypsy girls asking for donations. They pick pocketed my iPhone.

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  • Haifa, 20 Mar 2017

    Climbed 275 stairs to see this beautiful panoramic view!💕🌃 I'm sure it will be more beautiful during sunset..

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  • Matt, 18 Mar 2017

    Get on top for great view of boulevard.

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  • Rodrigo, 29 Oct 2015

    Amazing view

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  • Caleb, 21 May 2014

    Lift now not working due to maintenance. Visitors need to climb stairs.

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  • Ingrid, 01 Apr 2013

    Vue magnifique sur tout Paris.

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  • Chahad, 16 Sep 2016

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️..

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  • Silves, 21 Sep 2015

    Linda arquitectura para pasear de noche

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  • David, 28 Dec 2015

    18 a 25 años ciudadanos europeos pasan gratis

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  •, 22 Sep 2011

    See the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from World War I and pay your respects to those inscribed names who fought in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. Stands on Place Charles de Gaulle.

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  • Amaal, 14 Apr 2016

    Very nice and beautiful place to overlook Paris , Eiffel tour and champ elysees from above but WTF with the stairs 😰

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  • Yurdun, 17 Aug 2013

    Merdivenler dar yüksek çıkmak netameli ancak merdivenlerin sonundaki bank bir vaha gibi ;)

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  • Greg, 11 Aug 2013

    If you can't manage the steps then there is a lift that takes you most of the way (to the gallery floor). The lift is located opposite the steps exit. Then there are about 40 more steps to the roof.

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  • Gil, 27 Feb 2016

    Impressive monument to visit (quickly) but one need to go underground to reach it ant it's by feet only.

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