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The Arc de Triomphe stands at the end of the avenue des Champs Elysées at place Étoile – the huge roundabout where 12 tree-lined avenues converge. If you’re into extreme sports you may want to rent a car and take it for a spin around the Arc de Triomphe just to test yourself against Parisian traffic (bear in mind that many travel insurance policies specifically state that you will not be covered if you have an accident on the Étoile roundabout). Napoléon commissioned the arch in 1806, 30 years later it was finished and ready for tourists to gawk at. The best access if from the underground passage on the northern side of avenue des Champs Elysées. You get a pretty good view from the top.

Free entry with the Paris Pass
Free entry to the Arc de Triomph with the Paris Pass

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Place Charles de Gaulle, 75008 Paris
Métro Charles de Gaulle – Étoile (1, 2, 6) RER Charles de Gaulle – Étoile (A) Bus 22, 30, 31, 52, 73, 92
Telephone (01) 55 37 73 77
Admission €9.50; free entry with the Paris Pass
    Open Jan–Mar 10am–10.30pm daily (last entry 9.45pm); Apr–Sep 10am–11pm daily (last entry 10.15pm); Oct–Dec 10am–10.30pm daily (last entry 9.45pm)

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  • Fleur, 20 Mar 2017

    Amazing view from the top

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  • Haifa, 20 Mar 2017

    Climbed 275 stairs to see this beautiful panoramic view!💕🌃 I'm sure it will be more beautiful during sunset..

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  • Matt, 18 Mar 2017

    Get on top for great view of boulevard.

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  • alejandro, 17 Mar 2017

    Uno de los mejores miradores de París

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  • Mariana, 15 Mar 2017

    Chega-se através de um túnel subterrâneo, tem fila, as escadas são estreitas. A vista é maravilhosa e compensadora. Vale a pena! Na saída tem um mini museu pra comprar lembranças ($$$$).

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  • Nis, 09 Mar 2017

    Great 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

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  • Haroen, 06 Mar 2017

    Go at night and remember it's free (like most) if you're -25

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  • María, 04 Mar 2017

    Magnificent construction! Great views over the city from rooftop

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  • Rencontres Internationales, 03 Mar 2017

    #NEPASMANQUER #PARIS2017 Ne manquez pas la première française de "Chinese Coin (Red Blood)" d'Ubermorgen!

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  • Ronaldo, 23 Feb 2017

    Sempre é bom passar por aqui e tirar fotos. Todas vezes que venho a Paris passo por aqui

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  • Mihhail, 20 Feb 2017

    Претендует на лучшую смотровую площадку Парижа!

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  • Катерина, 16 Feb 2017

    Вона велична і прекрасна. І вночі, і вдень.

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  • Yasmine, 12 Feb 2017

    💫 l'arc 🌟

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  • ZIAD, 10 Feb 2017

    سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم Nice place to visit

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  • Lina, 05 Feb 2017

    Beautiful monument with a nice panoramic view of the city

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  • Abu Aya, 29 Jan 2017

    The most famous chaotic round about

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  • Jamie, 24 Jan 2017

    Wander around and you'll find the spot that you can photograph both the Arc and Eiffel Tower

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  • Mert, 23 Jan 2017

    Yılbaşında yapılan gösteri inanılmazdı. Paris bu yüzden paris

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  • Sarah, 22 Jan 2017

    It always reminds me Alain Delon ❤️

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  • Nicholas, 17 Jan 2017

    Bit boring; they've turned this into the center of a traffic circle. Illegal to slow down or stop in traffic circle. The historical image of the Nazis marching through the Arch brings chills.

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  • Yuichiro, 14 Jan 2017


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  • Alexander, 06 Jan 2017

    You need to see it

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  • Aslı P., 03 Jan 2017

    12 caddeye çıkan ve en önemli caddesi sanliziye çıkan anıt :)

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  • Caroline, 29 Dec 2016

    My favorite view in Paris, and it's much better than the Eiffel Tower. Entrance to the top for breathtaking, panoramic views of Paris is free for EU citizens under 26! Amazing detail in the arc!

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  • Ramzi, 25 Dec 2016

    Breathtaking at night!

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  • hossein, 25 Dec 2016

    nice paris

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  • Serafettin, 22 Dec 2016

    Il est si magnifique qu'il semble même dans l'obscurité. Sur des années de poids et regardez la ville.

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  • Serafettin, 22 Dec 2016

    Avant de venir vous devez connaître l'histoire.

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  • Mubarak, 18 Dec 2016

    It's one of the main land marks of Paris.

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  • Dennis A., 15 Dec 2016

    Risk your life on the out of control roundabout!

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