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Originally built for the 1958 World Fair, the Atomium is Brussels’ equivalent of the Eiffel Tower, except it is located in the suburbs and isn’t as famous. You get a great view from the top of this 102 metre tall steel and aluminium model of the nine atoms in a molecule.

Our address

Avenue de l'Atomium, Belgium
Metro Heysel (6) Tram 7 (stop: Heysel)
Telephone (02) 475 47 75
Admission €11; students €8
    Open 10am–6pm daily

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  • Asojuk, 20 Feb 2017

    Devhasal bir anıt! Mutlaka görün...

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  • Paz, 19 Feb 2017

    Bien bonito. Las exposiciones son un poco fomes eso sí.

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  • Joanne, 13 Feb 2017

    Interesting on the outside but not a must visit on the inside, unless you're into exhibitions. Cool tunnel escalator experience on the inside though, with a light show!

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  • Roberto, 05 Feb 2017

    Si te gusta la ciencia ficción, este es el lugar.

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  • D, 27 Jan 2017

    Bem afastado do centro, mas vale a visita. Exposições audiovisuais artísticas que me fizeram sentir dentro de um filme de Stanley Kubrick! Loko!

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  • Adam, 20 Jan 2017

    It is the Effel tower of Belgium. An impressive structure, and you haven't seen Brussels until you visit this! It has a restaurant at the top with a breathtaking view.

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  • Sandra Lucia T, 07 Jan 2017

    Adorei o lugar dá para toda a cidade

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  • Artyom, 06 Jan 2017

    Huge atoms of iron. The construction looks impressive, but museum inside not worth its entrance price, so just take a look from outside, laugh at queue and go away.

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  • Michelle, 24 Dec 2016

    Bem bonito

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  • G, 20 Dec 2016

    Great views, wasn't a great fan of the exhibition but still a nice experience, not a fan of the price!

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  • NAA, 08 Dec 2016

    Worth the visit 👌🏻

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  • Jeremy, 23 Nov 2016

    Les boules les plus connues de Belgique 🇧🇪

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  • sadeem, 08 Nov 2016

    Rainy day ☔️

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  • Matt, 29 Oct 2016

    Atomium is good but don't go to Bruparck. It's tacky and will spoil your experience even seeing it :/

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  • Alan, 25 Oct 2016

    Vale la pena entrar. Las vistas y las exhibiciones son interesantes.

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  • Miquel, 25 Oct 2016

    No entré pero es una pasada solo verlo desde fuera. 100% recomendable.

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  • Oleg, 22 Oct 2016

    The views are average at best. However the exhibition is very cool.

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  • Sabrina, 16 Aug 2016

    Nice view fromt the top floor 🇧🇪

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  • Lieze, 16 Jul 2016

    Magnifique en voor het pronkstuk van België is de prijs echt oke

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  • Marta, 20 Jun 2016

    Si vas con poco tiempo y vas a quitarte de tomarte una cerveza tranquilo por visitar el Atomium, ahórratelo. Deja mucho que desear y tampoco es tan impresionante para la fecha en la que se construyó

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  • The Süleyman, 19 Jun 2016

    Çok etkileyici...

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  • Patty, 16 Jun 2016

    Vista linda, coisas legais ao redor e é um monumento maneiríssimo

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  • Patty, 16 Jun 2016

    Não se alimente ou hidrate lá, mas o monumento é FANTÁSTICO! Além de ter umas coisinhas bem interessantes e dignas de visita por perto.

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  • Anita, 12 Jun 2016

    Sitio para tomarse la foto y ya. No tiene más que ofrecer. Muy lejos.

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  • Eskander, 29 May 2016

    Un endroit unique 😊

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  • Petros, 26 Apr 2016

    Weird but beautiful in its own way!

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  • Mezoo, 09 Apr 2016

    من المعالم المهمة في مدينة بروكسل. لديهم متحف صغير. بجانب الاتوميوم مسافة ١٠ دقايق مشياً هناك متحف اوربا الصغرى

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  • Oğuzhan, 06 Apr 2016

    İçine girmeye çok gerek yok ama buraya kadar gelmişken girin 😂

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  • Karel, 28 Mar 2016

    Sjiek... Maar nog nooit binnen geweest.

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  • Marina, 26 Mar 2016


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