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Originally built for the 1958 World Fair, the Atomium is Brussels’ equivalent of the Eiffel Tower, except it is located in the suburbs and isn’t as famous. You get a great view from the top of this 102 metre tall steel and aluminium model of the nine atoms in a molecule.

Our address

Avenue de l'Atomium, Belgium
Metro Heysel (6) Tram 7 (stop: Heysel)
Telephone (02) 475 47 75
Admission €11; students €8
    Open 10am–6pm daily

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  • Art, 22 Mar 2018

    Im sure I would have enjoyed it more had the views been better on a clear day. Other than that it’s a nice place to visit and see

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  • Stephen, 20 Mar 2018

    Awesome place

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  • Magalie, 01 Mar 2018

    Pokkeduur! Maar toon je studentenkaart, kan je aan voordelig tarief binnen 👍

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  • Pierre-Emmanuel, 22 Feb 2018

    Good place to run and good some museum about belgium

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  • SmS, 17 Feb 2018

    Symbol of Brussels 👍🏻

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  • Figen, 14 Jan 2018

    Way better landmark than the pissing boy.

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  • Sarah, 09 Jan 2018

    El monumento es hermoso, es importante comprar en línea la entrada para evitarse la larga fila.

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  • Musa, 02 Jan 2018


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  • Grivy, 07 Dec 2017

    Terinspirasi dari bentuk atom, mulanya model bangunan ini dibuat berdasarkan Kristal besi yang diperbesar. Gedung ini memiliki sembilan bola yang saling berhubungan dan berketinggian 335 kaki.

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  • Raluca, 19 Nov 2017

    The restaurant at the top floor is worth the view but the waiter seemed to forget what we ordered. We received one waffle and then no sign of the second one. At the end, we got billed for 3...👎

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  • Fedor, 15 Nov 2017

    Nice place to observe the city, but not the best in Brussel in my opinion. From this place u can see also the mini europe museum

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  • İlhan, 03 Oct 2017

    İlgi alanınıza göre görülüp görülmeyeceğine gitmeden önce karar verebileceğiniz bir yer. Gündüz gözüyle gördüm ve etkilenmedim.

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  • ney, 24 Sep 2017

    Vale a visita...alem da atração existe um parque maravilhoso no entorno...excelente pra relaxar

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  • N, 19 Sep 2017

    Nice if you in Brussels give it a silfi!

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  • Ersoy, 03 Sep 2017

    Demir atomunun 164 milyar büyütülerek yapılan ve şu anda fuar alanı olarak kullanılan ve şahane bir görseli olan yapı. En üst katı ise restoran olarak işletilmektedir. Mutlaka görün.

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  • هناء, 31 Aug 2017


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  • Sara, 30 Aug 2017

    another architectural eye candy in Brussels 🙌😍

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  • Luis, 28 Aug 2017

    Must to visit Brussels landmark. You can enter for 12 euros.

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  • Chantal, 25 Aug 2017

    C'est à voir !

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  • Lamia, 21 Aug 2017

    Below average. I wont recommend paying for tickets because in my opinion the sightseeing from outside is better.

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  • Anna, 14 Aug 2017


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  • Yvon, 11 Aug 2017

    Un incontournable à Bruxelles à faire et à refaire au grès des expositions temporaires !

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  • Carly, 31 Jul 2017

    Honestly-not worth its price! We also had to pay to use the toilets when buying tickets and they were disgusting.The structure is impressive but I'd save your money and just take a photo from outside!

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  • Tuva, 26 Jul 2017

    Nice to chill out and sit in the sun chairs watching the amazing construction from the ground. Didn't bother to stand in line and go up.

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  • Martha, 19 Jul 2017

    Impresionante!!!! Vale la pena visitarlo

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  • Shambo, 14 Jul 2017

    The view from all sides

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  • Reaz, 06 Jul 2017

    Beautiful at sunset ...

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  • B. Aaron, 27 Jun 2017

    good views from the top w a very ages yet cool exhibit through part of the structure...

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  • Stefanus, 21 May 2017

    The landmark in Brussels

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  • KORAY, 08 May 2017

    gereksiz bi heykel yanındaki facia geçirilen stad daha ilgimi çekti

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