Bärengraben (bear pits)

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Berne’s mascot is the bear, which the city’s founder, Duke Berchtold V von Zähringen, named the city after the first animal caught there. Bears appear on Berne’s coat of arms and can also be seen at the Bear Pits.

Our address

Grosser Muristalden 6, 3006 Bern
Bus 12 (stop: Bärengraben)
Telephone (031) 357 15 25
Website www.baerenpark-bern.ch/
    Open 8am–5pm daily

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  • Story, 24 Oct 2017

    Sevimli ayıları gördüm ama çekemedim

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  • Valentin Charles, 10 Jul 2017

    Nice view, some bears and a relaxing river sound. 🐻

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  • Thiago, 10 Jul 2017

    Parque onde se pode ver três ursos. Antigamente eles ficavam num fosso, mas aí ampliaram o espaço e agora eles ficam em toda a encosta na margem do rio.

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  • Şule, 27 Mar 2017

    Ayılar yoktu resmen şaka gibii🙀

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  • Nes, 18 Jul 2016

    Real bears around, thats fun😋

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  • Andělka, 20 Apr 2016

    Even though watching bears doesen't sound so attractive, this place is really nice, the bears are very sociable and the place is very beautifully atchitectonically made. Next to the river. :) 🐻

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  • SH, 03 Mar 2016

    곰 공원에 곰이 없어서 아쉬웠음- 로즈가든까지는 걸어서 이동 가능하며 베른역애서 트램으로 이동해도 편리하다.

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  • Sophie, 02 Mar 2016

    Joli parc. J'ai un peu plus de plaisir à voir les ours maintenant que leur parc à été réaménagé. Ils ont plus d'espace. Bel endroit pour se promener...

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  • Emily, 31 Oct 2015

    Bears! they're real!

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  • Robert, 15 Sep 2015

    Muy chulo, es la segunda vez que voy, ahora mismo están remodelado la zona donde están los osos, por lo cual no pude disfrutar de ellos, pero a pesar de ello, es muy recomendable

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  • Michael, 08 Sep 2015

    Schöne Stadtsicht

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  • nur, 13 Apr 2015

    yapay da olsa dogal yasami sürdürüyorlar

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  • Anna, 14 Mar 2015

    To avoid disappointment... Remember the obvious- bears hibernate in winter!🐻

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  • Thomas, 26 Nov 2014

    People, stop complaining that you can't see the bears in November. It's wintertime and what do bears usually do in winter?

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  • Gala, 08 Nov 2014

    Les ours, qui sont trois, ont relativement beaucoup d espace

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  • Yana, 13 Oct 2014

    Wi-fi password: Kl0esterl1

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  • BLM, 14 Sep 2014

    I want to see bears (^(I)^)

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  • Maya, 06 Sep 2014

    Jööö.. nicht verpassen!

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  • David, 26 Jul 2013

    Berna hat mir grausam gefehlt. Es ist einfach nicht mehr wie früher.

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  • Totoro, 10 Jun 2013

    입장료도 없고 화장실도 무료

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  • Mattias, 15 Feb 2013

    If you are lucky you will also see the bears during wintertime

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  • Поволжский 👑, 08 Jan 2013

    Медведь является символом Берна, так что и медвежья яма - его неотъемлемая часть. В яме обитают 2 молодых медвежонка - дар русского президента Медведева во время государственного визита в Швейцарию.

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  • Marni, 30 Jul 2012

    Owh! Ich habe dieser Bär lieb!

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  • Fab, 28 May 2012

    Go all the way down and get your feet into the Aare river - very refreshing. But be careful, the Aare is quite a forceful stream.

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  • Martin, 08 Nov 2011

    This place is in the middle of Bern and near by the Federal Palace. There is always plenty of entertainment on and around the place.

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  • Alica, 25 Jul 2011

    nice place to spend lazy weekend

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  • Reto, 16 Apr 2011

    Brown bears by day, black bears by night, or no bears at all.

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  • Tilman, 09 Mar 2010

    Always worth a visit, especially now with the 2 baby bears.

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