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This peaceful medieval haven in the centre of a cosmopolitan city can be reasonably difficult to find. Well kept lawns with tall trees surrounded by cottages which are hundreds of years old, an abundance of flowers and a small medieval church, situated in the middle make up this beautiful courtyard. The Begijnhof was built in the 14th Century as a place where devote women, who did not want to enter a convent, were able to live. The oldest house in Amsterdam can also be found here – it has a wooden frontage dating from about 1475.

Our address

Begijnhof, Amsterdam (enter from Spui)
Trams 1, 2, 5 (stop: Spui-Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal)
Telephone (020) 622 1918
Admission free
    Open 9am-11pm daily

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  • jeffrey, 10 Nov 2017

    Pretty little hidden mini-neighborhood to walk through in central Amsterdam.

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  • Stefanie, 13 Oct 2017

    Nice to see once, but not really special.

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  • Gözde&Ramazan, 01 Jul 2017

    Keşke burada yaşasak

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  • Sebahattin, 10 May 2017

    Gizli bir dünya, önünde işleyen caddeler cafeler ama minicik bir kapıdan açılan manevi bir huzur dünyası

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  • Tonia, 25 Mar 2017

    A beautiful, quiet, almost "secret" garden In the heart of Amsterdam

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  • Esra, 25 Jan 2017

    Eskiden rahibelerin günümüzde bekar ve dullarin yaşadığı bir avlu. Çooook sessiz aman kimseyi rahatsız etmeyin. Amsterdam in en eski evi de bu avluda ayrıca.

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  • Adrien, 17 Jan 2017

    Quiet place, very peaceful and beautiful. A nice hidden treasure to see.

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  • Petri, 21 Dec 2016

    Beautiful and above all peaceful spot in a busy city centre. If you find your way here, respect the ambience of the place.

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  • Karri, 25 Jun 2016

    Former convent, tiny houses, well-kept garden

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  • Paolo, 11 Jun 2016

    Un angolo nascosto di Amsterdam. Non perdetevelo!

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  • John, 19 May 2016

    Lively quiet place in the middle of the city just a pity it gets run over by noisy tourists

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  • Ângelo Miguel, 30 Mar 2016

    A tranquilidade caracteriza os inúmeros 'hofjes' (abrigos sociais) que compõem este frondoso oásis. Os pátios pavimentados que os rodeiam parecem um verdadeiro cenário de filme.

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  • Allan, 20 Mar 2016

    Uma espécie de "jardim secreto" no centro de Amsterdã. Antigamente era uma comunidade de freiras. Vc entra por uma porta, parece que vc vai entrar num prédio e tem uma vila bem conservada e linda!

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  • ciaoasia, 26 Feb 2016

    Look for the "hidden" door after the ABC bookstore

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  • Merve, 23 Feb 2016

    Bulmasi ne kadar zor olsa da evlerin goruntusu cok guzel. Yeri Amsterdam muzesinin tam arkasinda :)

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  • Simay, 23 Feb 2016

    Amsterdam evlerinin olduğu mükemmel görülmeye değer yer yalnız girişi çok fantastik bulmakta zorlandım ama mutlaka Amsterdam'a geldiyseniz burayı görmeden dönmeyin

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  • K, 19 Feb 2016

    Beautiful, quiet yard

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  • Tati, 29 Dec 2015

    Super cute not to secret garden. My dream is to find and Airbnb there next time.

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  • Carl, 05 Dec 2015

    Peaceful ex nunnery. Nice place to explore.

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  • Lauren, 26 Nov 2015

    Lovely little quiet place in the middle of the city center.

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  • Dorit, 28 Oct 2015

    ein vergleichsweise ruhiges Plätzchen in der wuseligen Innenstadt

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  • Joao, 14 Oct 2015

    Bem escondido, a expectativa por ser escondido acaba reduzindo a 1 impressão!!!

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  • Ashley, 29 Aug 2015

    It's nice and peaceful. The church also does services in English if you want to go to a service while you're in Amsterdam

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  • Agata, 21 Jul 2015

    Looks charming!

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  • Gi, 18 Jul 2015


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  • Seyhan, 22 May 2015

    Resim çekmek için süper bir mekan

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  • Felipe, 09 May 2015

    Cute little garden hidden in the crowd streets of Amsterdam. It's a must-go!

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  • Emre, 26 Feb 2015

    Very quiet and nice place

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  • Danny, 09 Feb 2015

    No, not much going on, but nice to see for a minute

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  • Elif, 06 Feb 2015

    Huzur der susarım 😍

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  • Carlos, 26 Jan 2015

    Um dos lugares mais belos de Amsterdã fica escondido mas vale a pena procurar e visitar

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  • Angela Teresa, 20 Jan 2015

    coberto de neve,simplesmente inesquecivel!

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  • Andrey, 19 Jan 2015

    Oldest house in Amsterdam is located there

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  • rasi_ffm, 18 Jan 2015

    Fotografieren offiziell verboten. Obwohl es eine Sehenswürdigkeit ist, sollte man nicht vergessen, dass dort auch noch jemand wohnt!

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  • Meagan, 15 Jan 2015

    Quiet escape from the bustling city. Beautiful and historic little community you must visit in Amsterdam.

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  • emre, 26 Nov 2014

    Oldest building in Amsterdam, difficult to find where it is,eventhrough by google maps

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  • Melis, 03 Oct 2014

    Amazingly peaceful..

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  • BURAK, 05 Sep 2014

    Amsterdam'ın ilk evi 34 numara. Hauten Huys - Tahta Ev. Amsterdam denince akla ilk gelen kültürel miras.

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  • Kevin, 18 Aug 2014

    Sympathique mais pas fou

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  • Hans, 13 Aug 2014

    Quiet place out of the bustle... Find the secret door in if you can

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  • Mirian, 26 May 2014

    Se entrar na capela, tem que rezar...

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  • Sandie, 23 Apr 2014

    Pour profiter de ce lieu si joli... Tentez les horaires décalés car beaucoup d'affluence... Au printemps tout y est fleuri et vert

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  • Boon, 20 Apr 2014

    There are real residents living in the houses, so you are not allowed to take pictures, and don't make too much noise.

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  • izi.TRAVEL, 31 Mar 2014

    The order of the Begijns was founded in around 1150 as a refuge for women from well to do families who were either widows or spinsters.

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  • Matt, 25 Feb 2014

    Beautiful oasis of calm. Visit the chapel.

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  • Lianca, 25 Dec 2013

    Prachtige kerk, om stil van te worden! #kerstmis

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  • Andre, 07 Jun 2013

    Better be silent here, otherwise you might offend the people living there!

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  • Monica, 14 Apr 2013

    My husband and I got married here!

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  • Thiago G., 02 Apr 2013

    There are two ways in: one through an inconspicuous door in the square, the other through an alleyway.

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  • Alexandra, 19 Oct 2012

    Un peu de calme au centre de la ville

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  • Henry, 08 Oct 2012

    Amazingly peaceful location so central and yet so calm. Great little find

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  • Geneviieve, 07 Jul 2012

    Love this place!!!

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  • Amaia, 09 Apr 2012

    Un sitio curioso cuanto menos

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  • Amsterdam Magazine, 27 Feb 2012

    "Aside from the beautiful Amsterdam facades and relative seclusion that give the courtyard a luxurious feel, the sanctuary also contains a church, a hidden church." -Hidden Stories

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  • Gelpme, 20 Feb 2012

    The Legend says that sister Cornelia Arens chose to be buried in the gutter of the court.But she was buried in the Chapel,so her soul found no peace,roamed the court until she was buried in the gutter

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  • Demetrios Ch., 11 May 2011

    back in the past..the residents were woman who took a vow of poverty&helped others.They lived here until the they died off,but still today single women live here.stay quiet and feel the "calmness"!

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  • Ricard, 24 Oct 2010

    Nice piano concert in the English church! spend there some minutes!

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  • Marc, 18 Jun 2010

    It is a beautiful old place in middle Amsterdam where time stopped! And still only ladies live here! Try to join if possible a concert in the English church if you can!

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