Belfast Central Railway Station

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Belfast has several train stations with all trains terminating at Central Station. Some trains also stop at the more centrally located Botanic and Great Victoria Street stations. Trains go to Derry, Dublin and Larne.

Belfast’s comprehensive public transport system is comprised of suburban trains and the Citybus bus network, both run by Translink. The Centrelink bus (route 100) connects all the main bus and train stations as well as the Waterfront Hall and major shopping areas. One-way bus tickets cost from 90p to £1.10.


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E Bridge St Town Centre, Belfast BT1 3PB
Telephone 28 9032 3112

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  • Ale, 28 Sep 2017

    Es una estación pequeña para la importancia que tiene, pero tiene lo indispensable para comer algo antes de partir.

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  • Sonja, 31 Mar 2017

    Mostrando il biglietto del treno all'autista del bus, non paghi il biglietto fino al centro città! Ottimo!

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  • Louise, 25 Apr 2016

    Treinen naar andere steden in Noord-Ierland en naar Dublin

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  • Carl, 24 Nov 2015

    Great connections across Northern Ireland and into the Republic.

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  • Assyl, 06 Jul 2015

    Perfect way to go to Dublin without visa. Just buy return ticket.

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  • Harry, 17 Dec 2014

    Free wifi! Clean trains, and on time!

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  • Kushal, 03 Nov 2014

    It's amazing how there is an immaculately clean lounge at the station!!

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  • Gltease, 17 Apr 2014

    Andy M moans about the wifi speeds, however they are there to facilitate the ticketing system not for looking at cats and posting faux amusing comments on foursquare. Use your 3G instead.

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  • Andy, 31 Aug 2013

    Translink's free wifi has a truly authentic 90's feel. Experience 56k modem speeds! Reminisce about your connection dropping every 5 minutes! Worth every penny of the £700k they spent fitting it out.

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  • Scott, 03 Aug 2013

    Only £3.30 for an alright pint of Guinness.

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  • Tiernan, 29 Dec 2012

    If going to George Best airport, change at central and get the train to Bangor and get off at Syneham. Cheaper than a taxi.

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  • Andy, 22 Jul 2012

    Need a taxi? The black cabs outside will rip you off at any opportunity, especially if you're from out of town. Call Value Cabs instead —02890809080, or there's a freephone in the lobby.

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  • Nabil, 31 May 2012

    Should book in advance to avoid treble of the price !!

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  • Nichola, 11 Apr 2012

    Don't get the latte from the cafe near the entrance.

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  • Ahmet, 07 Nov 2011

    Service is not the best one at the Lagan Lounge, but they have nice breakfast fry and a coup of tea

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  • Chris, 19 Apr 2011

    The black taxis out the front are over priced. Go round to the right and down the stairs for reasonably priced taxis. ValueCabs I think.

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  • Rich, 26 Mar 2011

    Cheapest taxis are not at the front door

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  • Peter, 14 Mar 2011


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  • Andrew, 03 Nov 2010

    Does a half decent pint of lager if you've missed a train

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  •  ℋumorous, 17 Oct 2010

    Get your quid from the ATM Euro not used in Belfast. Grab a black taxi if you can!

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  • Ruth, 12 Oct 2010

    The chocomilk here is awesome! It always makes missing your train worth while :)

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  • Clare, 25 Jun 2010

    U can get ur Euro here b4 u head to Dublin from an ATM. Costs min £1.50 to take money out from a UK card down south

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  • Roy, 21 Mar 2010

    You will arrive here instead of Yorkgate Station when travelling from Ballymoney :(((

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  • Roy, 21 Mar 2010

    Bring a book and throw away your train schedule!

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