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Frequent train services connect Brighton and London in a little under an hour. They depart from London Victoria, Kings Cross and London Bridge, although the most frequent services depart from Victoria. Most London trains stop at Gatwick Airport.

There is also a good coastal train route and services to the Midlands, South Wales and the West Country.

Brighton’s train station is at the top of Queens Road in the city centre.

Our address

Queens Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 3XP
    Open 3.45am–1.45am daily

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  • Arthur, 20 Oct 2017

    Brighton é linda. Vale o passeio

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  • Enzo, 29 Jan 2017

    Best connecting hub to London with frequent trains

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  • Bear, 07 Jan 2017

    When bus replacement is running ALWAYS take a coach rather than a bus to Three Bridges if available. You'll see how fast and smooth a coach is compared to a bus 😉

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  • Asraf Hanafi, 03 Oct 2016

    Train to all destinations to UK available here

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  • Cristal, 03 Sep 2016

    Not a very organized station, pay much attention not to miss your train. Good snack options.

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  • Daniel, 23 Jul 2016

    It is NOT fun trying to get out of this station when it's busy 😫

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  • Lewis, 12 Jul 2016

    If you're lucky there will be someone playing on the public piano

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  • Nick, 30 Nov 2015

    Good station but I wish the trains ran later!

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  • Alexandre, 25 Oct 2015

    Nice railway station. Really easy to navigate :)

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  • Brighton Taxis, 29 Sep 2015

    Nice Railway station

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  • Lo, 12 Apr 2015

    Plenty of places for bike parking now

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  • Henrique, 11 Apr 2015

    Toilets cost 20p.

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  • Andrew, 21 Feb 2015

    Nice food trucks outside the front. M&S for train snacks.

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  • Swarmstrong, 21 Feb 2015

    Bagelman is THE place to go if you're looking for a prejourney snack

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  • Mr, 26 Dec 2014

    You could miss the train to Seaford when you get off the one from London. You need to hurry up.

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  • Marco, 17 Dec 2014

    One of the best train stations.

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  • Amin, 04 Nov 2014

    Good service to London and Central.

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  • Amin, 03 Nov 2014

    Most trains to Victoria will be cancelled on rainy days.

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  • Amin, 01 Nov 2014

    Busy busy on sunny days.

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  • Amin, 31 Oct 2014

    Ticket office always busy, good to use the ticket machine.

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  • Amin, 29 Oct 2014

    Delays with it's rainy.

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  • Amin, 28 Oct 2014

    Nice piano to play with.

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  • Katerina, 01 Oct 2014

    A lot of coffee shops for take away coffees and snacks, corner shop, m&s, nice clean toilets with 20p charge, and taxis right next to the exit of the station.

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  • Dayne, 10 Aug 2014

    For trains to Gatwick, London and The South Coast.

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  • Tc Tamer, 24 Jun 2014


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  • Antal, 01 May 2014

    Follow @brightonstation on Twitter. Station with character!

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  • Jemima, 07 Mar 2014

    Loving the retro-style waiting room with wifi, heating and books to read. They even have sockets to charge your phone :)

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  • Wallace, 06 Mar 2014

    From the station, bus 23 takes you to Falmer/ universities(Brighton & Sussex), bus 48 to moulsecoomb, bus 7 to the marina, bus 6 & 50 to hollingbury.

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  • Gurmukh, 11 Jan 2014

    There's a hidden change machine in the men's toilets on your left as you enter

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  • Steve, 03 Dec 2013

    Make sure you get your coffee from Small Batch early. They close just after 9 am.

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