Bunratty Castle & Folk Park

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Bunratty Castle & Folk Park is in Co Clare between Limerick and Shannon Airport. Bunratty was originally a Viking trading camp. Four castles have been built on this site and the present castle was built around 1425 replacing an earlier Norman castle. The castle was extensively renovated during the 1950s and it is now considered Ireland’s most authentically complete furnished castle. The adjoining Folk Park is an open-air museum that features elegant Bunratty House as well as a collection of smaller farmhouses, a pub and church that have been set up to depict village life in 19th century Ireland.


Our address

Bunratty, Co Clare (13km from Limerick city centre)
Bus 51, 343
Telephone (061) 360 788
Website www.shannonheritage.com
Admission €7.95-10.50
    Open Jan-May 9.30am-5.30pm daily (last entry to castle 4pm, last entry to Folk Park 4.45pm); Jun-Aug 9am-6pm daily (last entry to castle 4pm, last entry to Folk Park 4.45pm); Sep-Dec 9.30am-5.30pm daily (last entry to castle 4pm, last entry to Folk Park 4.45pm)

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  • Aaron, 24 Dec 2017

    Closes early. Check the time. Do the dinner!

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  • Ymodita, 01 Jun 2017

    Solo pasamos unos minutos, lamentablemente para ver el castillo hay que pagar y no teníamos el tiempo, pero es hermoso

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  • Jessica, 10 Nov 2016

    Great walk. Loads to do and see. Great gift shop.

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  • Alina, 12 Jun 2016

    Fantastic plunge into medieval Irish lifestyle. You get to walk into buildings which look like their inhabitants just went out for a walk - both in castle and village.

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  • Will, 15 May 2016

    Didn't actually go inside as we were only passing by, but it looks amazing from the outside! I read the have banquets like back in the days, so I'll have to come back :-) beautiful little town.

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  • Fernanda, 10 Nov 2015

    Nada demais....

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  • Oliver, 10 Jun 2015

    The medieval banquet is good Crain and quite worth the expense!

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  • Trevor, 23 Mar 2015

    Absolutely gorgeous and they did a great job with an authentic renovation

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  • Massimo, 06 Mar 2015

    Atmosfera d'altri tempi, molto affascinante. Sembra di tornare indietro nel tempo. Si mangiano piatti tipici irlandesi, e si possono pure fare delle foto in costume d'epoca.

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  • JNET, 07 Sep 2014

    I loved the mead! Food was tasty and entertainment/service stellar. Great music, yummy food and good memories. Thx!

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  • Ofer, 15 Mar 2014

    The folk park is very fun to explore while the castle may be a tad underwhelming but workers a visit regardless.

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  • Candace, 30 Aug 2013

    So much fun, well worth a visit

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  • Ann Marie, 21 Aug 2013

    Take your time going up and down the stairs in the castle, they're very narrow!

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  • Laurent, 01 Aug 2013

    Bon rapport qualité/prix, la visite vaut le coup

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  • Joe, 18 Jun 2013

    It's a fun time with a show and decent food. Enjoy the show!

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  • Bill, 22 Apr 2013

    Give yourself a few hours to enjoy and go thru the entire village and castle! There is a lot to see! Also experienced the Feast! It was the best!

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  • Claiton, 09 Dec 2012

    There is a wonderful little store that sells just wool gloves and scarves along the park

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  • David, 23 Nov 2012

    The 343 bus to Bunratty from Limerick is €6.70 round-trip, but can run quite late on the return.

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  • Kate, 06 Jul 2012

    Had a blast here at the Traditional Irish Night. Song & wine were flowing.

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  • Andy, 31 May 2011

    Good 2 hours spend exploring this fascinating 'musuem'.

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  • Fernanda, 08 May 2011

    Muito bom passeio!!!!

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  • JP, 25 Apr 2011

    Fantastic at Easter, loads of characters to meet and loads to do...

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  • Andrew, 22 Apr 2011

    Amazing authentic place. Really enjoyed it. Loved the village.

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  • Dorothy, 09 Jan 2011

    Great place try and book a banquet. Great welcome.

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  • Jörg, 26 Oct 2010

    Not really worth...

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