Carrick-a-rede Island & Rope Bridge

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Fishermen have used a rope bridge to cross the 30m-deep chasm between the mainland and Carrick-a-rede Island for over 300 years. The original bridge consisted of a footrope and a single handrail, but in 2000 a new rope bridge was erected that has been load tested to more than 10 tonnes.

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Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge
Bus 252
Telephone (028) 2076 9839
Admission £5.60
    Open 9.30am–6pm daily

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  • Paul, 25 Jan 2018

    Don’t look down.

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  • Paul, 07 Jan 2018

    National Trust members get discount.

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  • Chris, 29 Oct 2017

    Brave the walk across the bridge - it’s worth it for the stunning views of the surrounding countryside!

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  • Rodrigo, 27 Sep 2017

    Não vale a pena pagar para atravessar a ponte! Mas a vista é incrível! Vale pelo local

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  • Mark, 03 Sep 2017

    Don't go if afraid of heights!

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  • Noura, 22 Jul 2017

    The bridge is slightly overrated & not at all as scary as they make it to be. The view on the other hand is DEFINITELY worth it!

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  • Miltos, 12 Oct 2016

    Unique place to see. You don't have to pass the overpriced bridge, just walk to it.

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  • Mima, 10 Aug 2016

    Não é essa aventura toda que dizem, e as filas pra atravessar são enormes!

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  • Carl, 30 Dec 2015

    Rickety rope bridge connecting the mainland to a small island. Great coastal views. Run by National Trust.

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  • Eric, 17 Aug 2015

    Views are amazing

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  • Margot, 09 Aug 2015

    Free wifi in the cafe.

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  • Jerry, 06 Jul 2015

    Definitely touristy, but the views are great on the other side. Amazing that fishermen back in the day had to use this to get to their boat launch.

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  • Kim, 18 Feb 2015

    It's shakier than you think! A fun little excursion if you're up for it.

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  • Ndzu, 16 Feb 2015

    My worst fear overcame:-)

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  • Federica, 29 Sep 2014

    Tutto! È bellissimo!

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  • Mrudula, 23 Sep 2014

    Scenic view and a rope bridge to cross

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  • Angela, 09 Sep 2014

    Breathtaking view, bridge is bouncy so not for the heights averse

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  • Emylee, 23 Aug 2014

    Make sure and have your your guide buy your tickets! You save 50p:) Oh and no lines:)

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  • Antonio, 24 Oct 2013

    Esperienza assurda, ma da fare! Mi raccomando preparati a freddo, vento ed acqua!

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  • Tony, 18 Oct 2013

    The current bridge was built in 2008 and has been tested to 10 tons. YOU'RE FINE. But do be careful on the rocky steps on both sides of the bridge.

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  • Meghna, 22 Aug 2013

    Worth every visit 😊

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  • s, 25 May 2013

    Be brave! This bridge is totally safe... Just try not to look down.

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  • Imanol, 31 Mar 2013

    Great experience. If someone with you won't cross, don't pay at the checkpoint. You only need tickets to cross the bridge, not to walk around the area.

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  • Cheryl, 21 Feb 2013

    Prepare to layer up-it's freezing out there. Advise on the harsh winds. Absolutely gorgeous if you can catch this on a clear day...

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  • Stephanie, 09 Jan 2012

    Wear good walking shoes. The bridge sways and the planks are quite narrow!

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