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This museum claims to have the most extensive collection of chains and handcuffs in Europe (are there any other chain and handcuff museums?). Escape artist Timo Tuomivaara’s collection features objects from the 16th century to the present day.

Our address

Hatanpään puistokuja 32, Tampere (in the same building as the Spy Museum)
Bus 1, 7, 21
Telephone (03) 212 3007
Adults €7, students €5 (the admission fee includes entrance to the Spy Museum)
    Open Mon-Fri noon-6pm, Sat-Sun 10am-4pm

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  • Александр, 03 Oct 2015

    Музей на удивление неплох. Вот этот паспорт дворника, обозначенный как "Russian guard's note book" изрядно насмешил.

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  • Fuyuhiko, 27 Sep 2015

    世界初のスパイ(Espionage, incl. Intelligence & Counter Intelligence)博物館。展示品の説明文章を英訳した冊子を入口で貰えます。写真撮影は5euro。展示品はそれほど多くは無いが真面目に見てると結構時間が経ちます。

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  • Volgar, 30 Apr 2015

    Try banknotes, credit cards and identity cards with the ultraviolet lamp.

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  • Aki, 13 Dec 2014

    Great spy equipment and information!

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  • Mareks, 20 Jun 2011

    Incredible that there can fit so much fun in such a small place. Find a moment during your stay in Tampere and visit this place! (some specials also here!)

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  • Pike, 18 Jun 2011

    Check in while entering the Spy Museum and earn a free agent test in June!

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  • Pike, 26 Apr 2011

    The first Spy Museum in the world.

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