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Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL) handles flights to destinations throughout Europe and Finland, however it is not used by many budget airlines and therefore not many budget travellers arrive in Helsinki by air.

Buses 415, 451 and 615 (€3.40) run between the airport and Helsinki city centre.

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Helsinki-Vantaa airport

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  • Ezgi, 20 Mar 2017

    Bavul kilitlemek için 15 dakika yürümek... Personeller inanılmaz ilgisiz...

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  • Alex, 16 Mar 2017

    Вайфай, розетки и курилка. Все, что нужно )

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  • Lexi, 07 Mar 2017

    Basicly evrything

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  • Risto, 06 Mar 2017

    Kallis. Omat eväät mukaan.

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  • Bhan, 20 Feb 2017

    Power points are all European 2-pin configurations. Unfriendly to universal adapters as they do not secure well. More privacy cubicles with tables would be a plus.

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  • Janne, 19 Feb 2017

    Easy to both leave and pick up stroller as check in luggage. This is very important. We just noticed that for example at Oslo Airport both of those actions are organized extremely badly!

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  • Vitaly, 14 Feb 2017

    Курилка за паспортным контролем у 37 гейта

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  • Musa Emre, 06 Feb 2017

    Bizim havaalanlariyla uzaktan yakindan alakasi olmayan insana insan gibi muamele yapilan bir havaalani 😊

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  • Ieva, 30 Jan 2017

    Free wifi and convinient train station just underground the airport. 5 euro to city center arround 25 minuts drive!

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  • Claes, 29 Jan 2017

    Straightforward AirPort. Nice and clean

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  • Natalia, 11 Jan 2017

    Очень классный аэропорт! И сотрудники очень милые, многим нашим российским аэропортам поучиться бы у них :) А в уборных поют птички 🙈

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  • Константин, 11 Jan 2017

    Имеется классная парковка по довольно бюджетной цене))

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  • Lauri, 09 Jan 2017

    There used to be a great electronics shop. Not anymore!

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  • Tony, 03 Jan 2017

    Connection to the city center provided by train lines I and P. The entiry journey takes 27 or 32 minutes. // Spojení s centrem zajišťuje vlaková linka I a P, jízdní doba činí 27 respektive 32 minut.

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  • Jamie, 03 Jan 2017

    Nice and efficient. Good Finnair lounge

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  • Heidi, 31 Dec 2016

    If you want to get some sleep or rest, there are soft benches without armrests at least near gates 22 and 19.

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  • Marina, 13 Dec 2016

    Отличный аэропорт!Чистый,как будто новый. Бесплатный вай-фай, куча магазинов, все удобно. До центра можно доехать на 615 автобусе за 5,5 евро. Терминалы для покупки билета есть и внутри и на остановке

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  • Dorit, 12 Dec 2016

    moderner Abflugbereich mit netten Café- und Restaurant-Bereichen, übersichtlich

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  • Joonas, 20 Nov 2016

    One of the best airports.

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  • Stealth, 15 Nov 2016

    Expect to be bussed between aircraft and terminal. Happens more often than not, so wrap up warm in winter.

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  • Risto, 14 Nov 2016

    Pääsee noin tunnin välein Ouluun.

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  • Risto, 09 Nov 2016

    Lähijunalla pääsee Helsingin rautatieasemalta ja Pasilasta helposti. Asema 1 ja 2 terminaaliin välissä.

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  • J, 07 Nov 2016

    To downtown Helsinki, take the new train I or P, ticket 5.50€. Remember to validate it.

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  • Yahir, 29 Oct 2016

    Good spaces, good stores, best of all free wi-fi access. Two options to take taxi: take out, is more expenaive or take inside with others in th same route, cheaper.

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  • Dasha, 15 Oct 2016

    Огромный аэропорт.Много кафе и магазинов, wi fi.Если вы транзитом, то рекомендую захватить подушку и надувной матрац)хотя тут позаботились и об этом,есть пледы и маленькие подушечки,но их надо искать

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  • Jukka, 10 Oct 2016

    It's actually in Vantaa so that's a plus

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  • Pettran, 07 Oct 2016

    Such a boring terminal (2)!! Reconstructions going on, so it's more crowded than usually 👎🏼

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  • Melforss, 06 Oct 2016

    The best airport. Not too big and full of nice stores. Also a normal 24/7 grocery store Alepa

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  • J🍔🍕❌, 26 Sep 2016

    Clean, spacious, and quiet!

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  • Anna, 24 Sep 2016

    Самый приятный аэропорт. Везде чисто, бесплатный wifi, весь процесс от регистрации до выхода к самолету максимально автоматизирован.

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