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Beauvais Airport is around one hour north of Paris. This airport is used mainly for charter flights as well as low cost airlines, although you’re most likely to use this airport if you take one of the cheap Ryanair or Wizzair flights.

An express coach link service departs from outside the terminal building to Paris – Porte Maillot. The coach departs approximately 20 minutes after each Ryanair flight arrival. On return, the coach departs from Porte Maillot (at the Parking Pershing parking garage) 3 hours 15 minutes prior to a Ryanair flight departure. Tickets cost €17 (€15.90 if you book online).

You can also get to Beauvais Airport by taking the train from Paris-Gare du Nord to Beauvais and then getting a connecting shuttle bus to the airport. This option costs €15.40. It is a nicer way to travel into Paris; but takes longer, mainly because the time spent transferring between the train and shuttle bus at Beauvais.

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Route de l'Aéroport, 60000 Tillé

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  • Antonio, 16 Mar 2018

    Aeropuerto pésimo ... situado donde “Cristo perdió los clavos” 😂

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  • Ula, 16 Feb 2018

    Brudne i malutkie lotnisko. Bardzo restrykcyjna obsluga.

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  • Arif, 12 Feb 2018

    Nothing is good for this airport. Very small, unconvenient to travel to Paris city centre, the staff is not experienced at all. Will never travel through this airport unless I really have to.

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  • Théo, 19 Jan 2018

    Water (50cl) is 1.5€ at the vending machine, and 2.30€ minimum at the only shop by the gates.

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  • Vicente, 09 Jan 2018

    2 terminales pequeñas sin apenas asientos y restaurantes. El control de seguridad en mi caso fue rápido y con buena atención. Aglomeraciones en torno a las puertas de embarque. Muy alejado de Paris.

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  • Louisette, 04 Jan 2018

    Es un aeropuerto más pequeño, hay que considerar que si buscas ir a París tienes que tomar un camión que hace aproximadamente 1 hora y media de camino

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  • Arianna, 25 Dec 2017

    Ma quanto è lontano dal mondo?!?!?!? Assurdo.

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  • Bahman, 04 Dec 2017

    Very small, too far to paris. Not good at all

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  • Uliana, 24 Nov 2017

    Маленький аэропорт очень далеко от города. Магазины практически отсутствуют (их 2-3), чтобы уехать, нужно довольно долго ждать автобуса.

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  • Yury, 11 Nov 2017

    Маленький аэропорт. WiFi по 20 минут и снова надо переподключаться.

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  • Nigel, 23 Oct 2017

    A taxi to Paris from here will set you back a good €200.

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  • Eliçe, 09 Oct 2017

    Too far from Paris, very strict luggage size check, rude staff. Terrible !

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  • Sultan, 03 Oct 2017

    Small international airport north Paris.

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  • Alex, 29 Sep 2017

    Аэропорт маленький, но все что нужно есть. Вай фай требует ввести очень много инфы, и сам отключается время от времени. Возле терминала есть остановка, можно съездить в небольшой красивый городок Бовэ

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  • Dimitar, 16 Aug 2017

    Get your shuttle tickets online and try to bring only carry-on. Don't mind the grumpy staff - they're always like that. Remember - you can't carry more than 100 grams of soft cheese​ through security

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  • Stephane, 29 Jul 2017

    There is a traditional bakery in Tillé town. It's less than 10 minutes walk, better price and quality than the food sold at the airport.

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  • Marissa, 23 Jul 2017

    Трансфер стоит на месте 17€, покупка он-Лайн 15,90. Большие очереди приезжайте заранее, на контроле все тщательно досматривают.

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  • Tugce, 13 Jul 2017

    Tiny airport. If you do your online checkin and only have a carry on it'll be super painless. The bus tickets can also be bought online: 15 eur. It'll be cold no matter what season so bring a jacket.

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  • Alistair, 21 Jun 2017

    It's a very small Airport. No need to be there hours before your flight.

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  • Daniele, 17 Jun 2017

    Piccolo e squallido

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  • Марат, 14 May 2017

    Не пускают с мягким сыром на борт, ахуевшие лягушатники

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  • Rob, 14 Apr 2017

    Absolute dump of an airport. Expect very long queues at a chaotic security.

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  • Kyri, 13 Apr 2017


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  • Franck, 06 Apr 2017

    Très loin de Paris, vraiment cheap... Dommage car les prix des vols sont intéressants

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  • Jose Manuel, 04 Apr 2017

    Paul, por supuesto

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  • Valeriya, 27 Feb 2017

    Аэропорт переполнен, маленький, неудобный, есть небольшой duty free

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  • Boldan, 16 Feb 2017

    I don't really like this airport! And especially because it's closed during the night!

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  • Renata, 04 Jan 2017

    Not very well organized.

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  • Renata, 01 Jan 2017

    Small, practical and the bus stop to Paris is few steps away. 🚃🗼

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  • Liisa, 20 Dec 2016

    Boarding line is few hundred people and takes forever. Might miss your flight easily

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