World's Narrowest House

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The narrowest house in the world is in Amsterdam, at Singel 7. Only one metre in breadth, it is barely wider than the front door. Naturally the people who live there have to be slim! However to be honest it is only the front of the house that is so narrow. Behind this facade the house broadens out to more normal dimensions. Yet the narrowest house in Europe is still to be found in Amsterdam on Oude Hoogstraat 22, between the Dam and the Nieuwmarkt. This tiny house, complete with a typical Amsterdam bell-gable is 2.02m wide and 6.0 meters deep. Another example is situated nearby on the Kloveniersburgwal 26: a charming cornice gable, 2.44m wide, known as ‘The Small Trippenhouse’ (‘Kleine Trippenhuis’) or ‘Mr Trip’s Coachman’s House’. This is situated directly opposite the impressive Trippenhouse, no.29 which at about 22m wide is the widest house in Amsterdam. This enormous house was built in 1660 for the very wealthy Trip brothers, Lodewijk and Hendrik, who made their fortune in trading iron, copper, artillery and ammunition. The story goes that the Trip brothers’ coachman exclaimed one day, “Oh, if only I could be so lucky as to have a house as wide as my master’s door.” His master over heard this and the coachman’s wish was granted!

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