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Cosmopolitain Basel (Bâle in French) is Switzerland’s second-largest city. This major commerical centre straddles the border with France and German and it boasts a pretty oil town with 16th century buildings and cobblestone streets.

Local transport

BVB operate Basel’s efficient public transport system that is made up of trams, buses, trains and ferries.

Buses and trams run between 6am and midnight and cost SFR 2.20 for a short trip, SFR 3.60 for a one zone ticket and SFR 4.40 for a two-zone ticket. Day passes that allow unlimited travel in the four most central zones (zones 10, 11, 13 and 15) cost SFR 9.40.

There are four ferries that cross the Rhine. Ferries operate 11am–11pm daily in summer and Sat–Sun 11am–5pm in winter. The one-way ferry fare is SFR 1.60.

The Basel Regional S-Bahn is a suburban/regional rail network that runs to neighbouring towns and cities in France and Germany. It is not of much use to most travellers, although some people use it to travel to Mulhouse in France.

Basel BVB transport network map

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