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Cosmopolitan Geneva is home to a large number of international organisations including the Red Cross and the World Health Organisation. Switzerland’s main French-speaking city, and the country’s third-largest is a little too polished and lacks the atmosphere found elsewhere in Switzerland but it is still worth stopping here for a day or two if you’re in the region. The Red Cross Museum is the main attraction but there are also several other good free museums.

Local transport

Geneva’s public transport system is made up of buses, trolley buses and trams. A short bus ride (up to three stops) costs SFR 2 and a longer bus, tram or train trip in the Geneva area costs SFR 3. A day pass SFR 10 and a weekly pass costs SFR 38.

There is a machine in the baggage collection area of Geneva Airport that dispenses free public transport tickets and hotels and hostels are also able to give free transport passes.

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