Gothenburg (Göteborg)

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The port city of Gothenburg (Göteborg in Swedish) is Sweden’s second largest city. Although you’ll probably check out Konstmusset and wander along Kungsportavenyn, the Liseborg funpark is Sweden’s most popular desintination.

Local transport

Gothenburg has a very good public transport system comprised of buses and trams.

Gothenburg’s blue trams are the best way to get around town. There are 11 tram lines with all lines meeting at Brunnsparken near Centralstationen.

Trams are complemented by a network of bus and ferry services.

Individual tickets cost SEK 26 (SEK 39 for travel outside the city) and are good 90 minutes of bus and tram travel (180-minutes if your ticket is valid for more than one zone). If you’re using public transport a lot you may want to consider a day pass (SEK 85), a three-day pass (SEK 170). The Göteborg City Card, which costs SEK 335, is good for 48-hours use of public transport and also includes admission to museums and the Liseberg amusement park.

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