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Prague is a hot European destination which has become extremely popular with budget travellers over the past ten years. It’s quaint medieval streets and a youthful style and cultural vibrance make it more enjoyable than many other east European cities, and not only does Prague have plenty to see, but the city is also host to some great bars where you can enjoy the legendary Czech beer.

Local transport

Prague has a good public transport network that is a good value way to get around Prague although the historic centre is compact enough to walk. The Prague transit system is made up of buses, trams, a metro and funicular.


Buses in Prague fill in the spots not covered by trams and the metro and aren’t really a useful transport option for most travellers. The only time most visitors to Prague take the bus is to get to the airport in which case you should catch bus 119, which runs between the airport and Dejvická metro station.


A funicular runs up Petřín Hill and connects with the tram network at Újezd in the Malá Strana district. The funicular runs every 10-15 minutes between 9am and 11.20pm.


Prague’s metro system is an easy way to get around the city. Trains run frequently between 5am and midnight however there are only three lines so the metro won’t take you everywhere in the city.


Prague has 34 tram lines including night routes that operate between 12.30am and 4.30am.

Trams are a handy way to get around and cover more destinations than the metro. They also have the advantage of being above ground which means that you get to see a bit more of the city rather than being stuck in a tunnel – tram 22 is a particularly good route for sightseeing.


The fare structure for Prague’s public transport network is fairly easy to understand and covers transport on buses, trams, funicular, the metro and some suburban trains.

Prices start at 24 Kč for a single ticket which is valid for 30 minutes or 32 Kč for a longer trip up to 90 minutes.

A one-day pass costs 110 Kč and a three-day pass costs 310 Kč.

Most people, however, use season tickets which is why you rarely see them validating their tickets. These are also a good deal for visitors as there is a good selection of short term passes.

Travel passes include:
Prague seasonal transport tickets

Validity Price
24 hours 110 Kč
3 days 310 Kč
30 days 550 Kč
90 days 1480 Kč

All tickets must be validated before they are first used.

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