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Stockholm is a beautiful city built on a group of islands.

This cosmopolitan city boasts a beautiful old town with its huge Royal Palace. There are some excellent museums in Stockholm as well as some very good parks.

Although it is expensive, like most other parts of Scandinavia, there is a good selection of budget accommodation in Stockholm.

Local transport

Stockholm has an excellent public transport network operated by Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL), that comprises a metro, suburban trains, buses and trams.

Tunnelbana & suburban trains

Stockholm’s metro system is called the tunnelbana and consists of three lines running through the city centre with connections to the suburban train network. Most travellers find this the easiest way to get around.

The tunnelbana runs between 5am and 1am (later on weekends) with trains running about once every five minutes.

The suburban train network is integrated with the tunnelbana system although services are less frequent. T-Centralen/Centralstation is the hub of both the tunnelbana and the suburban rail network.


Although the bus system is confusing to many travellers, there are a few routes that are useful to travellers including the frequent inner city routes 1, 3 and 4 and route 65, which run from Centralstation to Skeppsholmen.

Night buses run between 1am and 5am every day and are a useful option when the tunnelbana closes down for the night.

You cannot buy tickets on board buses, so you will need to buy either a SL Access card or a travelcard in advance if you plan on riding buses around Stockholm.


Stockholm has a couple of tram routes, but the only really useful one is route 7. The vintage tram, known as Djurgårdslinjen, passes a lot of attractions but it costs more than other public transport options and the Stockholm Card isn’t valid.


Most public transport tickets in Stockholm use the SL Access card, which is a stored value smart card similar to London’s Oyster card. You need to buy a card for 20 SEK and then load credit on the card, which is used to pay for travel on buses, trams and the tunnelbana metro system. This is generally the best option if you are going to be spending a lot of time in the city or if you plan on returning to Stockholm. However single use zone tickets and travelcards are also available, which are a better option for most travellers who are only visiting for a day or two.

Prices for public transport tickets in Stockholm are based on a zone system and prices are cheaper if you pay using a SL Access card compared with a single use zone ticket.

Stockholm public transport prices

  Single use zone ticket SL Access card
1 zone SEK 36 SEK 25
2 zones SEK 54 SEK 37.50
3 zones SEK 72 SEK 50

Many travellers buy a travelcard, which allows 24 or 72 hours transport within the Stockholm region. The 24 and 72-hour travelcards come on a single use ticket so you do not need to buy a SL Access card. There is also a seven-day travelcard, but this must be loaded onto a SL Access card (which costs an additional 20 SEK). 24-hour and 72-hour travelcards are valid for either 24 or 72 hours from the first time you use the card, but the seven-day travelcard is valid from 12.01am on the first day of use until 4.30am the day after the travelcard expires.

Stockholm travelcard prices

24 hours SEK 115
72 hours SEK 230
7 days SEK 300 (plus additional SEK 20 for a SL Access card)

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