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Thessaloniki (sometimes known by its former name, Salonica) is Greece’s second largest city and it is capital of the Greek province of Macedonia. The city has a wealth of attractions that draw on Byzantine, Greek and Ottoman civilisations and include churches, museums and monuments. Not many travellers make manage to visit Thessaloniki, but it is a good place to stop for a day or so to gain a better view of modern Greek life, minus the tourists.

Thessaloniki is well connected by transport and many travellers visit here en route to Turkey, Bulgaria and FYRO Macedonia.

Local transport

OASTH (ΟΑΣΘ) operates Thessaloniki’s urban bus network. The most useful bus route is route 78 (and 78N) which link the airport with the city centre, stopping at both the New Railway Station and the KTEL coach terminal.

A single bus ticket costs €1, or €1.20 including a transfer to another bus within a 70-minute period (€1.50 including two transfers within a 90-minute period). Bus routes 50, 78 and 78N are more expensive and cost €2.

A metro line is currently under construction and is expected to open in 2018.

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