Munich Oktoberfest

It’s only a month until Oktoberfest so I’ve written a short post on the festival. If you’re going to be anywhere near southern Germany in late September/early October then you really should spend at least a few days in Munich for Oktoberfest. It really is worth it, it’s one of Europe’s biggest parties and a unique cultural experience. viagra for sale in northern ireland

It all started on 18 October, 1810 when a party was thrown to celebrate the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. The party was so popular that it became an annual event, although the starting date was moved into September to take advantage of warmer weather. cialis 5mg efeitos colaterais where can you buy viagra

Around six million people attend the Munich Oktoberfest every year and go through around 7-million litres of beer, 60,000 pork knuckles, 140,000 pork sausages and half a million chickens. often can take 10mg cialis will there generic viagra us

Oktoberfest is held in Theresienwiese, a large park south west of Munich’s city centre that is accessible by U-Bahn (Theresienwiese station) and is just a short walk from Munich’s main train station. The festival is often called Wiesn, which is an abbreviation of Theresienwiese.

Although the festival grounds include carnival rides, the main focus of Oktoberfest are the 14 beer tents, some of which can seat around 10,000 people. Most tents are operated by local breweries and each has its own atmosphere. It is well worth visiting a few different beer tents on your first day at Oktoberfest to find which one suits your taste and then making this your regular for the rest of the festival.

The Hofbräu-Festzelt is the most popular tent for tourists. It is a fun place, but it somehow just doesn’t feel as authentic and the other tents. The large Hacker-Festzelt tent has a rock band that plays in evening – in contrast to the usual brass band that you find in the other tents. More traditional tents include Augustiner-Festhalle, Bräurosl, Löwenbräu-Festhalle, Schützen-Festhalle and Winzerer Fähndl. The relatively small (it only seats around 3000) Fischer Vroni tent is known for its large selection of fish and the Schottenhamel is considered the most important tent as it is where the first keg is tapped by Munich’s mayor to signify the start of the festival visit the site.

When is it: The 176th Munich Oktoberfest will be held from 19 September to 4 October, 2009. Next year’s Oktoberfest will be held from 18 September to 3 October, 2010.

How much: entry to Oktoberfest is free. Just buy your own beer and food. A maß (a one-litre beer) costs between €8.30 and €8.60.

For more information on the festival refer to the Oktoberfest website and check BUG’s Munich guide for more information about Munich. viagra generika genauso gut viagra discount

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