Ryanair vs easyJet

I was recently asked to book a return flight for someone flying from London to Barcelona, which highlighted the disparity between airlines that advertise prices inclusive of taxes, fees and charges and those that don’t.

I needed to book a flight departing in the last week of February and returning a month later with one checked bag, one cabin bag and no insurance or in-flight meals. tadalafil 1800 mg

Ryanair’s advertised price for the return flight was just £3.79 and easyJet was £36.92, but after adding taxes, fees and other charges easyJet emerged the winner with a total cost of £52.42 compared with Ryanair’s £77.46. buy non prescription cialis

Here’s how it all breaks down:

With easyJet the advertised fare is inclusive of taxes and airport charges, but not checked luggage charges or credit card processing fees. The cost of flights was £22.99 for the London Luton to Barcelona outbound flight on 25 February and £13 browse around this web-site.93 for the Barcelona to London Stansted return flight. After adding a £6 checked luggage fee for each flight and a £3.50 credit card processing charge we get a total price of £52.42. buy cialis with no prescription

Ryanair is one of the few remaining airlines to retain the deceptive practice of advertising fares exclusive of taxes and airport fees. The outbound London Stansted to Barcelona Reus flight on 27 February was free (plus £28.17 in taxes, fees and charges) and the return flight from Barcelona Reus to London Stansted on 27 March was £3.79 (plus £17 in taxes, fees and other charges). Then there is a £4.75 credit card handling fee (for each flight) plus a £9.50 checked luggage fee for each flight, which brings the total to £77.46.

Both easyJet and Ryanair use Luton and Stansted airports about half an hour by train north of London. You can pay £19 each way to take the Stansted Express and £11.50 each way for the First Capital Connect train to Luton Airport; but if you book in advance you can get to Luton or Stansted for just £2 with easyBus. That means that both airlines tie for the cost of the return trip to their London airport (£4 return for either airline).

However there is a huge variation in the cost of getting to the airport at Barcelona.
With easyJet you fly into Barcelona’s main airport and it costs €2.80 (£2.50) to take the train from the airport into the centre of Barcelona. But if you fly into Barcelona with Ryanair you land at Reus Airport near Tarragona, around 90km south of Barcelona. The bus to central Barcelona from Reus Airport will cost you €12 (£10.85) each way or €21 (£19) for a return fare (as long as you return within one month). So Ryanair saves a few pounds by flying into an out-of-the-way airport and you end up paying £19 instead of the £5 you would pay if you fly into Barcelona’s main airport.

So all up Ryanair’s £3.79 return flight ends up costing £100.46 for the return fare including airport transfers and easyJet’s £36.92 fare comes to £61.42.

In other words, Ryanair’s cheap fares are just a sneaky way to slug you with all sorts of hidden fees and charges and more expensive fares advertised by competing airlines can often work out cheaper in the long run. cialis 20 mg 8 compresse

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